Tell med Ted

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Interaktiv tellebok for de aller minste, basert på barne-TV-suksessen Vennebyen. Tell fra 1 til 12 sammen med barneversjonene av Ted, Elfie og Apa.
I tillegg til de tolv tellesidene, har denne boken to små tellespill hvor man kan leke med tall og ting fra boken.

Trykk på alt på sidene og du vil finne små interaktive overraskelser. Når figuren nederst på siden er i farger, har du funnet alt som er mulig å trykke på.

· Tellebok med 12 interaktive sider

· Bokteksten leses av Trond Brænne

· To enkle og morsomme tellespill som gir barna ytterligere underholdning og telletrening

· Velutprøvde kontroller og intuitivt grensesnitt

· Kjente og kjære figurer fra Vennebyens MINI-univers, beregnet på de aller minste barna

· Originalmusikk fra TV-serien – aktiv i hele appen

Vennebyen Julekalender-App

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Each day between December 1st and 24th a new Christmas tree decoration ball will become available and reveal a new piece of the calendar contents (e.g. one new page of the book, parts of activities, games and puzzles). In this way the contents will be gradually unlocked and finally available in total on the 24th. In the meantime you can decorate the small Christmas tree, take a photo and share it with your friends!

Advent Calendar with 24 doors based on the children’s TV success The City of Friends. Count down to Christmas Eve together with Max, Ted and Elphie. The calendar contains a Christmas story, mini-games and fun activities. Get into the Christmas spirit with new surprises every day! All games have three difficulty settings. The app is suitable for children 2-8 years.

•New door, new surprise – every day!
•Christmas story: ‘The Father Christmas Mix Up’
•City of Friends Jigsaw puzzles with three difficulty settings
•Downhill race with Max and Scoot
•A memory game with the perfect Christmas atmosphere
•A fun and challenging “Spot the differences”-game!
•Decorate your own tree, and send the image to your friends!
PS! The tree decorating activity is available from the time of purchase, and more items will turn up along the way!

The City of Friends Advent Calendar is a co-operation by CappelenDamm, CreaCon and Ravn Studio.

The City of Friends TV series has been a big success in both Norway and the UK. The app is available in both languages.
The brand was created in 2006 by police officer Carl Christian Hamre, as he was telling bedtime stories to his children based on his experiences as a patrolling police officer.
The series centers around the three emergency services, Police, Ambulance and Fire and the three friends Max, Elphie and Ted, who are dedicated to their new positions in the emergency services. Their day-to-day adventures in the City of Friends lead them to new experiences and teach some gentle, but valuable life-lessons along the way.

Ravn Studio
Award winning Norwegian games developer. Previous releases include: Snakeball (PSN), AngelCrash (PC), Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (NDS), Knerten gets married (NDS), Captain Sabertooth and the Trials of Fire (NDS), Winter in Blue Mountain (NDS), Blue Mountain, advent calendar (iOS), City of Friends (iOS/Android), Pippi Longstocking (NDS), and the recent release, Pippi Longstocking (3DS)

©2012 CreaCon Entertainment AS/ Carl Christian Hamre.
All rights reserved Carl Christian Hamre.
Original idea by Carl Christian Hamre
Concept and characters by Carl Christian Hamre & Anne Stray Hamre.
Original theme song written by Mads Hauge and Carl Christian Hamre
Additional sound design by Jørn Lavoll / Make Music AS / CreaCon Entertainment AS

Pippi Longstocking (3DS)

Pippi Longstocking for 3DS is a 3d Puzzle/Adventure game based on Astrid Lindgren’s wonderful stories about the strongest girl in the world – Pippi Longstocking. In the game the player gets the opportunity to meet and help well-known characters, solve problems in Pippi’s own way and play together with friends in new and exciting adventures. The art style in the game is a digital interpretation of the classical illustrations by Ingrid Nyman.
Join Pippi and her friends in an all new adventure!
Release: November 2nd 2012

Depth Masking on DS

Our latest DS game is an action-adventure based on a license, so we need to draw an environment, a few objects, a few characters and it all has to be visually appropriate for the intellectual property. The property in question is not Captain Triangle vs. the Pointy Things from 1995, so we thought we would go 2D this time. But the game focuses on adventure, discovery and puzzles… Is it possible to have the depth and freedom of the third dimension with 2D graphics?

Hidey hidey… Peekaboo!

Hell yes! Let’s talk about how. The graphics start out in 3D and are rendered twice, once for visual information, and once for height information.

All gameplay processing and collision is done in 3D. Before a sprite is drawn, every pixel is tested against the height image. Expensive? Hell yes! Brute force burned 50% CPU drawing one sprite. Part of the problem is that the DS does love itself some tiled graphics, so if we want something on the screen that looks like this:

We need to make some memory look like this:

Yay. Tiles.
So we’re doing a lot of work on a lot of data and we’re not being nice to the cache. Even after getting the obvious stuff out of the way like skipping sprite tile rows with no pixels, we were still around the 25% mark. Then we remembered that the environment tiles we were streaming in had some unused padding, so we stored high and low height values for 5×5 and 2×1 tile areas in each tile. This way we can pass or fail a 32×32 pixel sprite block or an 8 pixel row very quickly. We do some low level stuff to shave off a few more cycles but easily the biggest saving comes from not doing the work in the first place, and now we’re down to 1.5% for a typical sprite.
Yay tiles!
With a translucent bitmap layer we can easily draw silhouette characters when they are behind things by writing a pixel wherever a sprite fails a heightmask test…

and since we have height info for the ground we can use it to draw animated translucent shadows!

For this we take every fourth row of the sprite, trace down from each pixel until the height values match and that’s where we write to the translucent layer. On faster hardware you could project each pixel along a light vector, which looks awesome but it was a bit costly for the DS.

2D graphics are so quick and easy for the eye to read, perfect for a rapidly changing interactive system like a game. This project has really inspired me to think that a game with 2D graphics doesn’t have to make any compromises in gameplay design. Excite!


Captain Sabertooth

Tiny’s biggest dream is to join the great Captain Sabertooth on his pirate ship, The Dark Lady. But the Captain and his pirates are hard to impress… Tiny is challenged in everything from deck-scrubbing to treasure hunts, but makes a new friend in Raven, the stowaway.