“Explore Gampetreff and solve exciting tasks with Knerten. Junior’s house, the woods and the shop contain all kinds of fun mini-games for you to find. But watch out for ant antics, shifty ladies and the police!”

“Collect waffle hearts to bring Knerten and Caroline together and keep them as happy as can be!”

The game

In this game you get to help Junior in the shop, make waffles with Knerten and Caroline, fly with Knerten and ride Junior’s brand new red bicycle. Whenever you find waffle hearts they get even sweeter on each other. And if you are skilled enough, you can actually get them to marry! To achieve this you have to both explore Gampetreff and play all the fun mini-games. And the more you play, the happier ever after Knerten and Caroline will be!

Game story

The game story is based on the movie “Twigson Ties the Knot”. In the movie Knerten meets Caroline. You don’t find birch twiglets like that in every forest. And it takes a special girl to knock Knerten off his perch. Because as we all know, twigs like Knerten don’t grow on trees…

Junior is dreaming of a fabulous red bicycle all of his own. Mum gets knocked down by a car and won’t get better without a daily dose of gossip about the royal wedding. Tiny and Junior sell waffles as part of a plan to solve a crime and Junior’s older brother Philip has to take charge on the homefront. Knerten also learns to fly and Junior runs away from home.

How to play

There are lots of fun mini-games around Gampetreff. Will you find them all? You have to look for them around Junior’s house, in the woods and in the shop.

There are heaps of things to collect along the way, and quite a few mini-tasks to complete. But look out for the police, ants and shifty ladies!

The hungry bunnies will be very happy if you remember to feed them.

All the mini-games you have found and opened can be started directly from the menu in Knerten’s house.