First PSN game developed in Norway

Gamoola’s Snakeball is being developed in Drammen by Ravn Studio.

The game is a snake-inspired xtreme sports game where each player controls a futuristic hover snake. The game arena has a spectacular disco floor, and the aim of the game is to pick up as many coloured balls as possible and score them in the goal area in the middle of the arena. You also compete with other players. You can try and hit them with your ever growing tail, or use colourful weapons while you attempt to stay alive and avoid any obstacles. Snakeball comes with 3 game modes, Snakeball, Challenge and Frenzy mode.
Snakeball can be played over the network.

The Snakeball game utilizes some of the new and exiting features of the
PS3 platform; it is downloadable, the player can use the new PlayStation Eye
to customize their player character, the six-axis function is used to launching
and controlling missiles, the network/multiplayer function allows for online
play with up to 8 players.