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«Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day» now available in the App Store!

Get ready for real farm-fun with Fergie! Everybody’s favorite tractor has now his own game for smartphones and tablets.

Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day is a complete farm adventure where you can build your dream farm together with Fergie the little tractor! The game satisfies all your farming desires, including building, sowing, harvesting and cooking! Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day is farm life made easy and enjoyable, especially for children: there’s always something to do and there’s no in-app purchases or advertisements!

The Little Grey Fergie has been a popular character in Norway for over 20-years now, and is making his mark on the international scene. The Little Grey Fergie stories revolve around strong friendships and good values; they also give insights about farm life. Now children all over the globe can join the fun at Fergie’s farm together with his friends!

Fun in the countryside!

“Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day” is now out on smartphones and tablets. The game is currently available on iOS and will be coming to Android shortly. The game is suitable for children from ages 4 and up.

Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day features hours of great gameplay with beautiful handcrafted graphics, fun animations and a narrator guiding you on your way! Choose from all kinds of crops and recipes so you can make yummy foods for Fergie and his friends. Beware though, pesky crows will attack your fields but luckily you have Clunky the scarecrow to chase them away.

Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day” is the game where kids can build their dream farm.

In the game you can sow crops and bake bread that you can sell on the market, but beware of the scrap dealers! Use the rutabaga catapult to chase them away.

There will be many hours of creativity and fun while your dream farm is being made, and the more you play, the closer to the dream farm you get!

Additionally, the game has atmospheric and original music made by Alexander Rybak in co-operation with Svein Gundersen.

The game contains no in-app purchases – you get the game for a one-time purchase and you will have access to all parts of the game. No risk for a big surprise bill!

The game launches with both English and Norwegian languages implemented. During 2016 the game will also become available in German, Russian and Sami.

“Little Grey Fergie Saves the Day” is now available in the App Store RIGHT NOW for $3.99.

The Android version will be released in June.

Click here to read more about the and see screenshots + the trailer.